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Winchester Books

Secret Winchester

A must read for everyone living in Winchester, Secret Winchester uncovers answers to a number of questions that have always been in the very back of my mind. Questions like

  • Who was that Peter Symonds?
  • Where in town could you go roller-skating or ice-skating a hundred years ago?
  • Was Winchester really Camelot?

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book and getting to know some local folklore and history. I also discovered that if I had done walk#10 in the mid 1800s, I would have crossed right through Winchester racecourse on the way. Luckily the race course is easy to verify on historic Ordnance Survey maps, I just never happened to look it up.

Winchester certainly has a very colourful history and there is still so much to explore.


If you are interested in architecture, this one might be for you:

Winchester, with its Cathedral, Castle, College and churches is unrivalled for medieval architecture, and the surrounding countryside is rich in historic villages and an abundance of country houses. This volume of The Buildings of England also includes monuments of unique national and international significance: Jane Austen’s house at Chawton; the spectacular French Imperial mausoleum at Farnborough Abbey; and Stanley Spencer’s moving series of war paintings for the chapel at Burghclere. Order the book here*.

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