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We have set up an online bookstore * with, directly supporting local bookstores in the UK and a much needed alternative to a certain Seattle based online book seller. The Guardian is quite positive about the concept: is what the publishing world has been waiting for. Prices are competitive, though there’s a small delivery charge.

If you are in town, please do go to P&G Wells, browse their good selection and support them by buying books directly in the store. That’s best for them and will help to keep them going.

If it’s more convenient for you to buy online or if you are not in town, we’d like to encourage you to go through the walkWINCHESTER bookshop * and avoid the obvious online giant. 10% of every sale go to independent bookshops and an additional 10% go to walkWINCHESTER to cover the running costs of this site.

View of Pilgrims school from P&G Wells bookstore

Secret Winchester

A must read for everyone living in Winchester, Secret Winchester uncovers answers to a number of questions that have always been in the very back of my mind. Questions like

  • Who was that Peter Symonds?
  • Where in town could you go roller-skating or ice-skating a hundred years ago?
  • Was Winchester really Camelot?

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book and getting to know some local folklore and history. I also discovered that if I had done walk#10 in the mid 1800s, I would have crossed right through Winchester racecourse on the way. Luckily the race course is easy to verify on historic Ordnance Survey maps, I just never happened to look it up.

Winchester certainly has a very colourful history and there is still so much to explore, even if you think you know the city very well (I am not saying you don’t).

Winchester book list

Here’s a curated list of interesting books about Winchester, Hampshire. Whether you need a nice gift with a link to Winchester or are curious to learn more about the history or want a printed guidebook rather than using this website, there are a number of good books available.

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