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It started with the lockdown in March or April 2020 and the idea to explore all Winchester footpaths as a motivation to leave the house every single day.

We quickly learned that there was so much to discover. Of course we knew many paths and routes in the area we lived, but not really in the other parts of town. From the abandoned Worthy down platform on the old Southampton-Newbury-Didcot railway to Yew Hill, from Deacon Hill to Littleton Stud there was so much to discover. We made it a point not to drive to another part of town, started all walks from home and went further and further, leaving the car at home.

Discovering Winchester’s footpaths

To make it easier to discover all walks, we added individual maps as well as overview maps, plus additional local area information and links to other map resources.

Will Walker is not a real name, we just liked the sound of the name and the idea of Will roaming around and discovering all footpaths in and around Winchester. See him moving around here.

Radio towers opposite Pinsent
Radio towers opposite Pinsent in October 2020

No excuse not to venture out and discover the parts of Winchester you don’t know that well or you haven’t been to for a while.

Why not complete all 12 walks over a number of weekend? – Enjoy your time outside.