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Beyond Winchester

Here are a few links to resources beyond Winchester:

Alton hill walk – the six hills of Alton

Are you up to doing the Alton hill walk, a slightly challenging, 18km circular walk taking in the 6 …

Clarendon Marathon - photograph courtesy of unsplash
Clarendon Marathon

The Clarendon Marathon typically takes place on a Sunday in early October. In 2021 the date is 3 Oct…

River Thames at Benson
Benson, River Thames

Benson, a village in South Oxfordshire is the perfect location for a day trip in Southeast England a…

Barton on sea cliff
Barton on Sea to Hordle Cliff

The beach at Barton on Sea is mainly pebble, though there are a few sandy patches to the west. The c…

OS Maps Australia Batemans Bay
OS Maps Australia review: From Wales to New South Wales

Ordnance Survey, the National Mapping Agency of Great Britain is expanding its popular OS Maps servi…