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A street near you

Explore the local legacy of the First World War in Winchester and on a global scale.

This interactive map, produced by James Morley, lets you explore the legacy of those who died in the conflict. You can start in Winchester, find people who are from Winchester and discover fragments about their life. Feel free to go beyond Winchester and explore the location history of 550,000 men and women who served the Commonwealth and died whilst serving in the First World War.

You can see where they are from and where they have died.

Have a look in your street or in your area, follow links to more information or go on a walk to visit the places indicated on the map:

The map is the result of a very interesting data project that looked at the vast data records available from organisations like the Imperial War Museum or the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. Many of the over one million records contain description of places, indicating where individuals have lived and where their graves are.

2 thoughts on “A street near you”

    1. Agree that the first world war map is amazing. To make it clear, ‘a street near you’ wasn’t created by walkwinchester, we merely included the map on our page and made sure it’s zoomed in on Winchester. We thought it presented a very different view on Winchester and feature the embedded map. The map/database itself was created by James Morley who deserves the credit.

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