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Winchester place names

There are so many interesting place names around town.

This is a great talk by Dr. Eric Lacey from the University of Winchester. He brings place names to live and uses many different historic maps, including Joan Bleau’s 1646 map of Hampshire to illustrate the etymology of names like

  • Venta and the Belgarum tribe, Wintan ceastre (the obvious one at position 11:00)
  • The story behind Pitt (position 18:19 – a great geography lesson)
  • Bereweeke (21:24 into the clip)
  • The Sombornes (at 23:43)
  • The Wallops (28:17)

We go right into the video at 11:00 when Eric talks about the history of the name ‘Winchester’. Feel free to move back and forth. Eric gives a great talk and, I found the entire 55 minutes worthwhile.

Visit Winchester Heritage Open Days.

If you haven’t been, make sure you also go for a walk today. We have plenty of walks as part of the walkWINCHESTER 12 walk challenge.

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