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Explore historic maps of Winchester

Historic maps of Winchester

National Library of Scotland has a great map viewer that allows you to roam around a number of old map series of Great Britain. Above is an Ordnance Survey (OS) one inch to a mile displayed against a digital Digital Terrain Model captured from an airborne sensor. The collection includes several historic maps of Winchester from OS map series, including the beautiful second edition, six in to a mile, the Winchester sheet being published in 1898:

SPY mode – OS six inch to a mile 1898 against current OS open maps

The tool includes four display modes which are illustrated by the screenshots on this page

  • SPY – displays historic map in a spyglass (above)
  • SIDE BY SIDE – two maps side by side. If you pan one, the other moves in sync. There’s a swipe mode that drags one map on top of each other
  • OVERLAY – makes the top layer transparent and lets another layer shine through
  • 3D – perspective view using a globe visualisation engine with exaggerated land forms

Several historic maps and several modern maps can be chosen for the comparison.

SIDE BY SIDE mode – OS six inch to a mile 1989 against aerial photograph
NLS spyglass one inch 1961 against ESRI world image
OVERLAY mode – OS one inch to a mile 1961 against aerial photograph
3D mode – OS one inch to a mile 1961 against aerial photograph


We played with these maps for hours and found a number of interesting changes:

Explore the NLS map viewer yourself and email us your screenshots and findings about Winchester’s historic geography. We will then publish your best historic map images on this page.

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