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Westgate Allotments

At the begging of the 20th century there used to be allotments west of today’s Cheriton road on the grounds of the Westgate School towards Greenhill Rd.

Apparently the school was founded in the early 1900s but must of moved to the current site later. Does anybody know when the school was built?

OS 25 inch to a mile 1919 overlayed with Open Streetmap

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2 thoughts on “Westgate Allotments”

  1. Itchen view, is the building that became Westgate school. At one point it was the boarding house after the current secondary phase building was built, it also housed Rotherley nursery.

    About 2013, construction began to amalgamate it in to the current primary phase building. Where it has become the school hall, kitchens and store rooms.

    1. The 1945 map shows a building where the upper phase building now exists

      I should explain as of 2014 Westgate became an all through school with a nursery, primary and secondary phase.

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