walk#7 – horses, burial mounds and an avenue

walk7 - Littleton Stud

The path through Littleton Stud with paddocks connects Three Maids Hill by Andover Road with the village of Littleton. Further to the west, past Stockbridge Road, there is a grand, grassy avenue leading to Lainston House, flanked by a nice strip of woodland. This walks takes us to the northern outskirts of Winchester with a stop at Flowerdown Barrows, three Bronze aged burial mounds created about 4000 years ago. When open, the Lainston House hotel, a five start country retreat, makes a great stop for afternoon tea.

Start and end point: Waitrose/Aldi on Stockbridge Road

Length: 9.5 km / 5.9 miles
Time: 2 hours 10 minutes at a swift pace + breaks
Difficulty: Moderate – 133 m total ascent
Parking: behind Waitrose, off Fromond Road
Public transport: buses to Fromond Road (bus #3) from Winchester City Centre

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Variation: Skip Lainston House and return on Main Road through the village of Littleton towards Kennel Lane

The walk shares a brief section on Andover road with walk#10, we would wish that this part can be re-routed away from the main road once the land currently occupied by the Sir John Moore Barracks has been redeveloped.

Highlights of walk#7

paddocks without horses at Littleton Stud
Paddocks at Littleton Stud
Trees flanking Lainston Avenue towards Lainston House
Lainston Avenue – a grand view from near Stockbridge Road to Lainston House hotel

We explore the wedge between the Stockbridge and Andover Roads in Walk 7. On the way to Littleton Stud and Lainston house this walk goes through Harestock and past the Telephone exchange on Harestock Road toward the entrance of the Sir John Moore Barracks, home of the Army Training Regiment. The path along Andover road is right beside a busy road with a 50 mph speed limit. Just past the entrance to the Barracks, a narrow grass strip leads into the woodlands and the wooded Three Maids Hill countryside site.

On the way to and back from Lainston you need to cross Stockbridge Road twice. Be careful as cars tend to be fast.

Flowerdown Barrows is an English Heritage site in the middle of Littleton and warrants a 5 minute detour. Have a quick read of its history.

Welcome to Three Maid Hill sign with woodland in background
Three Maids Hill, footpath in an narrow strip of woodland along Andover Road
wooden gates leading to forested area on the way to Littleton Stud
Gates leading to Littleton stud, off Andover Road, The Flowerdown Barracks are to the left
gate underneath tree in autumn sun
Gate on the path through Littleton Stud


Graveyard entrance and directional signs
Entrance to graveyard and wildflower meadow from Church Lane at St Catherine’s, Littleton
war memorial in front of church
War memorial at St Catherine’s, Littleton
Junction of Littleton Lane and Main Road, Littleton
Entrance to Littleton Lane from Main Road, Littleton
view over fields in late summer
View from top of Littleton Lane towards Pinsent

Lainston House

Footpath leading away from Lainston House
Lainston Avenue leading away from Lainston House
Trees and fallen leaves by Andover Road
Woodland by Andover Road


Sarson Stone in front of burial mound
Sarson Stone at Flowerdown Barrows
Information sign at Flowerdown Barrows which was built between about 2000 and 1700 BC
Information sign at Flowerdown Barrows

This walk is part of the 12 walks challenge. Photos were taken between April and November 2020.

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