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What activities can you do this half term?

You could go on a journey through Great Britain and solve map puzzles. The Great British Treasure Hunt is among the more interesting half term activities we have seen.

With travel restrictions we obvliously can’t go on any holiday in the UK right now. However, this books lets us travel to iconic locations like Loch Ness, Glastonbury Tor, Stratford-Upon-Avon and the cloisters of Cambridge.

Explore forty stories, each relating to an OS Explorer map. In addition there are more than 350 brain teasers, puzzle questions for you to answer. Find poetic place names on maps, count the number of features, get to grip with different map scales and calculate distances.

The questions come in the four categories of Easy, Medium, Tricky and Difficult. This means that the book is suited for various age groups and map puzzle proficiency. When we went through the book we enjoyed answering the simpler questions and then graduating to the more difficult ones.

You learn fascinating insides into the geography of Great Britain as well as the history of Ordnance Survey – a treat for the whole family. The book is £14.99 on the OS website *, though often discounted at Book Depository with free worldwide delivery *:

The Ordnance Survey Great British Treasure Hunt book 2020

You could even win a price doing with your half term activities. Once you have solved the main puzzle put your name in to win one of many OS treasures here. The competition closes on 15 April 2021.

Pouring over a book will be great on a rainy day is great. Also have a look at our colouring in maps and be inspired by the 3D -flythroughs looking forward to a time when travel will be allowed again.

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