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From one great cathedral to another: The Clarendon Way runs between Salisbury and Winchester. It links two important places in the history of Wessex and England and is about 42km or 26 miles long–roughly the distance of a marathon.

And it is versatile. You can walk, run or even cycle (with a few detours). The entire path or individual stretches. It’s actually worth doing both directions as the offer a slightly different experience different experience, different vistas and a different vibe depending on whether you choose to walk towards Winchester or walk towards Salisbury.

Yes, it’s versatile. particularly when walking and we cover the Clarendon Way and surrounding areas as one, two, three, four, five and 9 day walks. This is your guide.

The comprehensive guide to the Clarendon Way

Let’s make a start–here’s a map of the route. Click on the buttons on the left to navigate to a selection of way points and get a feeling for the route:

Unless you are a really keen and experienced walker, we think that the best way to start with the Clarendon Way is to do one of the 9 loops along the way. If you like it, you can do another one and another one. The loops have been designed to half day walks and are reasonably family friendly, assuming that everyone in the family manages to walk several miles.

Clarendon Way - 9 loops

On the first Sunday of October, the Clarendon Way marathon takes place.

Pages describing the one and two day walks as well as the cycle routes will be published in due course.

Getting to Winchester and Salisbury

Both Winchester and Salisbury are easily accessible by train and car from many parts of the UK, including London.

Sections of the Clarendon Way

The individual sections of the Clarendon Way are described as part of the 9 loop walks:

In case you want a paper map to plan your route or carry a map on your walk, the Clarendon Way is covered on these three OS Explorer maps *:

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